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"Cancel Culture" is real

Just like fake news and the blatant media bias, "Cancel Culture" is how big tech and the left attempt to rewrite history as it is made. They choose winners and losers, or better put, they choose who gets heard and who doesn't. And while they profess "Hate has no home here", conservative senior citizens are beaten in the streets for wearing MAGA hats. If we try to say something about it, our accounts are silenced. If we question their "science" with science from other equally reputable sources, our accounts get banned. It isn't just about hurt feelings because they don't like the way we think, it stifles our ability to communicate with one another on our own terms.

If we can't speak, especially if we can't speak to one another, are we still free?

It's time we take back our speech 

The good news is, we have options! Options that don't rely on Facebook, or Twitter, Microsoft or Amazon. These are what are called "open-source" applications that we can use to talk to one another, share social media, text chat and even make voice and video calls! We will again control our speech on our terms.

There are no advertisers, no algorithms, no collecting of data to sell or use elsewhere. There's also no deep pockets or throngs of tech support resources, so this will be a bit bumpy to start. That's what the "BETA" part is about. We will be trying a few different things and will not be rolling out all features or options at first, to give us a chance to see how this will work.


There may be a minor cost at some point. As there are no advertisers and no data to sell, we will have to find some way to pay for the computing power to run these services. I can't see it ever getting over $5/month, and we have some ideas on alternate means of funding it as well.

Access is limited and available on an invitation only basis or after careful vetting by our steering committee.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch

Request Access

A Sponsor is an existing user or another member of the party that can vouch for you.

Thank you for your request.

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